Who is Your Partner Through Life?

May 24, 2020

Welcome everyone to this morning's worship service. Today is Pentecost Sunday and we'll be celebrating communion together.

For the message this morning, we'll focus on Acts 2:1-13 and pay special attention to how the Holy Spirit makes all the difference for us today. I've called this message, "Who is Your Partner through Life?". God sent his Spirit to his people so they could be "salt and light" in a dark world. We are called to be followers of Christ in our day to day lives. This isn't possible unless we have the Holy Spirit. We thank God that His Spirit is among and in us today.

We'll also be celebrating communion. You can prepare by doing the following.

After today's worship time let's have a coffee and talk about it. But what's "it"? I'm wondering about Covid19 (or any life challenge) and what you are learning about yourself and your relationship with God in the middle of it. Let's talk about it. Or you may want to talk about this. Should a lawn be cut in diagonal rows, straight back and forth rows or just round and round. If you don't have a lawn feel free to share a perspective anyway.