Stuff and "Neighbouring" as Part of Your Daily Spiritual Practice

June 28, 2020

Today's reading from the book of James is really a blunt description of wealth, temptation, and the corruption that often accompanies the pursuit of power. God through James has no place for the abuse of power and using another for personal gain. While this is a warning it is also a good reminder for all of us as we strive to, quite literally, follow Jesus day by day. How is material wealth a challenge to your walk with God? How is what God has provided you been a blessing? How have you been able to bless others?

As is our usual practice we'll have a chat time to follow. Feel free to offer comments or ask questions about the theme. Some time ago one of the elders posed this question. It's one that fits nicely with today's message. "What is something the world cannot take away from you?"

I look forward to being together with all of you this Sunday.