Living on Purpose: No Playing Favourites

May 10, 2020

Today is Mother's Day. We celebrate moms, perhaps grieve our moms who are no longer with us. Some of us may grieve broken relationship with our moms or our children. Let's pray for our moms today.

For the message this morning, we'll continue the series called "Living on Purpose" based on the book of James. Today we'll be looking together at James 2:1-13. I've called this message, "No Playing Favourites". Loving one's neighbour is a core value for every follower of Jesus Christ. James points out how easy it is to pay special attention to one person while marginalizing another. We'll see how mercy trumps opinion every time.

After the service we will have a coffee/chat time. This time is meant to help us connect. It's Mother's Day so let's use the following questions to get us started.