Living on Purpose: Listening and Doing as Spiritual Practice

May 3, 2020

Today I will continue the series of messages called "Living on Purpose" based on the book of James. It's one thing to say we are followers of Jesus. Actually being followers of Jesus 24/7 takes that commitment to a whole new level. James shows us how. Today we'll be looking together at James 1:19-27. I've called this message, "Listening and Doing as Spiritual Practice".

After the service we will have a coffee/chat time. This time is meant to help us connect. Up to now it's been called the Q & A. Feel free to ask a "Q" or provide an "A" related to the message.

But you may also want to address an unrelated but really important issue from the lighter side. This week I'm suggesting this; "Should morning oatmeal have fruit and nuts? Fruit or nuts? None at all?" (Note; brown sugar and cream are just understood as essential! No debate!)