Living on Purpose: Consistency of Faith and Lifestyle

May 17, 2020

Welcome everyone to this morning's worship service from Crossroads Community Church in Ajax. For those of us tuning in from Canada, happy Victoria Day weekend!

For the message this morning, we'll continue the series called "Living on Purpose" based on the book of James. Today we'll be looking together at James 2:14-26. I've called this message, "Consistency of Faith and Lifestyle". It's not always that easy and followers of Christ do sin and "mess up" what they say they believe and what they do in their day to day lives. It's a daily challenge we all face. James highlights how important consistency is in our life as followers of Christ. I pray that this reminder from James will inspire us to reflect on our day to day lives.

After the service we will have a coffee/chat time. This time is meant to help us connect. Feel free to offer some thoughts on the topic of today's message or other things that are on your mind. I'm wondering about the holiday weekend during Covid-19. How is this weekend different for you than perhaps in the past? Let's talk about it.

Have a blessed weekend, all.