4 Crucial Daily Spiritual Practices

July 5, 2020

Our service for today is fully "pre-recorded" including the introduction, congregational prayer and message. We did this to give our backroom team a break. PMV will be in attendance. The chat feature will continue as usual, but none of us will be "live" on camera.

Today PMV will continue the series of messages rooted in the New Testament book of James. This time we'll be looking at James 5:7-11. So how does a follower of Christ respond to injustice and suffering? God, in his word, provides practical and Spirit rooted ways that followers of Jesus need to practice in order to give glory to his name in challenging times. These may not be easy or even the first behaviours that come to us. Still they are foundational spiritual practices that make all the difference..

As noted above our chat time at the end of the service may be a bit different. Still, feel free to offer comments or ask questions about the theme. PMV (or anyone else for that matter) can type responses. On another note, we might want to chat about the weather. It's hot outside and perhaps inside, too.

I look forward to being together with all of you this Sunday.